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You will receive intuitively chosen Vanadinite.



Zodiac signs

Virgo, Scorpio


Vanadinite was first discovered in Mexico in 1801. It is a secondary mineral, which means that it is not part of the parent rock or mineral, but is formed later in response to environmental changes such as exposure to air and/or water. It is formed deep below the surface, at lead ore deposits. It belongs to the class of phosphates and its chemical composition includes mainly vanadium, lead, oxygen and chlorine. It forms small flat hexagonal crystals with a shiny surface. In principle, the smaller crystals are lighter in colour (from golden yellow to orange), but they darken as the crystal grows and can reach almost black shades. It is a very brittle mineral, with a Mohs hardness of between 2.5 and 3. It is slightly toxic due to the presence of lead, so it is advisable to wash your hands after holding it.

Metaphysical properties

Vanadinite is known as a transformation crystal. It helps to make us more courageous and persistent, so it is suitable for moments when we are overcoming obstacles and challenges. It stimulates the mind, enhances clarity of thought and focus, and increases energy levels, making it an excellent choice when we need a boost in our writing and other creative processes.

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