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Spodbudimo pretok življenjske energije (Caroline Chermeux)

Spodbudimo pretok življenjske energije (Caroline Chermeux)

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Author: Caroline Chermeux
Publisher: Hiša Knjiga
Language: Slovenian
Paperback, 21 x 15 cm, 80 pages

Vitality declines, energy vampires, invisible polluters of our energy... We are living in a time when such intrusions into our energy field have become a regular feature of our lives. In this book you will learn how to purify your aura and chakras, and discover how to protect and restore your energy and that of your environment, all of course with the aim of developing your energy potential as well as possible and maintaining it at the appropriate level.

Caroline Chermeux, an expert in the field of energy circulation and alternative healing, brings you the answers and indispensable rituals to strengthen your energy, identify possible energy intrusions and improve your subtle perception.


As the granddaughter of a healer and an artist, Caroline Chermeux has been exploring our ancestral traditions, magic and nature since she was a young girl. Her devotion to crystals, the plant and animal world and her knowledge of different forms of energy healing have enabled her to be known today as a personal growth expert who uses crystals, healing plants and a holistic approach to help women heal their minds and bodies and encourage them to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with the energies of the heart and spirit. Instagram and Facebook: fleurs_sauvages_officiel

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