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RUNE, in krog je sklenjen (Erik Lamut)

RUNE, in krog je sklenjen (Erik Lamut)

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Author: Erik Lamut
Publisher: Založba BP
Language: Slovenian
Hard cover, 20.5 x 20.5 cm, 118 pages

The book invites you into its vibration, so don't force yourself to read it, only when you feel it. When you open the cover, it's like stepping through a door into a magical forest. The most beautiful forest ever. In this forest there is everything and nothing at the same time. Earthly and unearthly beings dwell here. Here dwell the 24 runes or the 24 aspects of man. The runes are spread out in a runic circle. They are all equal, because together they form a circle. None dominates, none is inferior to the other. The pieces complement each other. Even if each is its own whole, together they form a true picture.

Runes are ancient symbols of mysterious origin. Throughout history, different cultures, beliefs and cults have come and gone, experiencing their own culminations and changing shape and modus operandi over the generations. One of these groups of people has found that some things don't change. Fire has been and will be fire, ice has been and will be ice. They "packaged" these observations into signs and the runic circle was born.

The book Rune, in krog je sklenjen, is accompanied by a deck of rune cards, instructions for use of which can be found in the book. The cards can be used to answer questions such as:
- What should I pay attention to today?
- What do I need to know to make the best decisions during the day?
- What do I not see in my current circumstances?

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