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Desert Rose on Stand #04

Desert Rose on Stand #04

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You will receive the exact Desert Rose in the picture.




Size (only crystal): 12 x 9 cm
Weight (with stand): 1049 g

Zodiac signs

Taurus, Scorpio, Capriorn

Desert Rose

Desert Rose known by many names, such as Sand Rose, Gypsum Rose, Baryte Rose, etc., is named after its interesting and intertwined crystal formation, which resembles the shape of a flower or rose petal. They are found primarily in desert regions, as they require a dry and sandy environment to form. The main composite mineral of the Desert Rose can be either Gypsum or Barite and this will influence its appearance. Desert Rose of which Gypsum is the main composite has larger and more defined edges and are typical for Sahara, while those of the Barite have smaller and less defined edges, and they mostly come from the USA or Mexico. Desert Rose is an extremely soft mineral and should be handled with care.

Metaphysical properties

Desert Rose has a grounding Earth energy that helps to calm and clear the mind and raise our awareness. This makes it an excellent aid for meditation, especially when we are trying to get in touch with our past and future lives.
It helps us to increase our self-confidence, to have a more positive outlook on life, to increase our motivation to achieve our goals and to bring us luck, all of which make it an ideal mineral to turn to when we want to improve our business success.

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