5 crystals that are an essential part of every bedroom

5 crystals that are an essential part of every bedroom

If you find it hard to calm down and relax at the end of the day, you can help yourself by decorating your bedroom with crystals that will create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, creating a perfect balance between body, mind and soul. Choose crystals with a gentle, calming energy and avoid those with an energising one.

These 5 crystals should be in every bedroom:

Petrified Wood ✨ with its gentle and earthy energy, is like a hug from Nature that is extremely grounding and creates a feeling of homeliness, security and stability. It will help you to reach a higher level of relaxation and establish inner balance.

Selenite ✨ has a gentle but extremely powerful purifying and protective energy that will take the atmosphere in your bedroom to a whole new level of relaxation. Selenite will help you balance your emotions and calm your racing thoughts, thus ensuring a better and more refreshing night's sleep.

Prehnite ✨ is a crystal of emotional healing and helps us to stay present in the moment. Its gentle green energy calms the agitated heart and mind and brings deep relaxation and peace. As it deepens the connection with our higher self, it can help you to get answers to your questions in your dreams.

Obsidian ✨ is a powerful protective crystal and although its energy is anything but gentle, it is an excellent choice for the bedroom as it creates a protective field that prevents the intrusion of negative energy. Obsidian also has a strong earthy energy that helps to ground emotions and thoughts. This reduces anxiety and stress, which in turn can protect us from nightmares.

Amethyst ✨ is a crystal you may have thought of immediately and no, I haven't forgotten it either. Amethyst is universally known as the "natural tranquilliser" that we turn to when we are restless and irritated. It also has another great property: it offers support in overcoming the fear of the dark. 

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